Helsinki Airport’s new Aukio central plaza showcases Finnish brands for long-haul passengers

With the opening of Aukio, iconic Finnish brands are now even more available to the long-haul passengers of Helsinki Airport.

Aukio, the new central plaza of Helsinki Airport, is the heart of the airport’s long-haul traffic. Aukio is an important place to showcase Finland especially for transfer passengers, so Finnishness is big theme in both the décor and the shops at Aukio. For instance, visitors will find a huge, curved video wall displaying scenes of Finnish nature as well as many iconic Finnish brands that are presented in the shops around Aukio.

Especially those Finnish brands that are popular among Asian consumers, like Marimekko, Iittala and the Moomins, have a strong presence at Aukio. In addition, Finnspiration shop offers Finland-themed souvenirs like stuffed elk toys, wooden kuksa-cups and woollen jumpers. The Moomin Shop displays a wide range of Moomin products from dishes and toys to Moomin books in several different languages, and Kalevala Koru, Lapponia and Suunto offer Finnish-designed jewellery and watches.

Previously, many of these brands only had a presence in the Schengen area, so now long-haul travellers can also enjoy them at Aukio.