Istanbul New Airport to create 225,000 jobs by 2025

A new economic impact report has claimed that the construction of Istanbul New Airport in Turkey could generate employment for up to 225,000 people by 2025.

Conducted by independent market research firm Istanbul Economics and think-tank EDAM (Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies), the report takes into account employment in the areas of ground services, airlines, security, maintenance and repair, and food and beverage. It also found that around 100,000 jobs could be created directly.

The first phase of the €10bn (US$10.6bn) project is due for completion in the first quarter of 2018. At that point, the airport will host an estimated 2,000 flights per day catering for 90 mil-lion passengers per year. The capacity will be further increased to 200 million passengers in the long run.

More jobs and economic growth are just some of the effects of the new airport. The researchers stress that the international hub will also foster direct investments and innovations. “There is a proven relationship between airline connections and the capacity of countries in attracting foreign direct investment,” the report states.

Innovation centers and science parks will arise around the airport as part of its Airport City development. Access to medium- and long-distance flights will also contribute to the growth of high-technology employment in the area.