US new aviation security rules to take effect

The security measures imposed by the US government to replace the previous in-cabin laptop ban are coming into force On October 26, 2017.

Expanded explosive trace detection and the short security interviews with passengers are among the new measures, which will affect 180 airlines worldwide and over 300 thousand passengers arriving in US daily.

The new US Homeland Security anti-terrorism requirements were announced back in June 2017. Airlines were given a 120-day notice to comply. Some airlines, notably in Middle-East, have already implemented stricter security checks as it allowed them to be exempted from the controversial “US laptop ban”.

The US had announced a ban on the transport of laptops and other personal electronics on US-bound flights in March 2017, fearing that IS terrorists could attempt to hide explosives in batteries and battery compartments. The ban applied to electronics that exceed the size of a regular cell phone, in hand luggage on direct flights to the United States from 10 – mostly Muslim – countries.

Source – AeroTime

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