Vienna Airport established as a crisis-proof air cargo centre



Outstanding infrastructure and fast turnaround times: Vienna Airport
established as a crisis-proof air cargo center

Vienna, February 23, 2021 – The COVID-19 crisis is putting Vienna Airport to
the test, just like the entire aviation industry. Vienna Airport is
functioning as a reliable airfreight center for Central and Eastern Europe
during the crisis thanks to years of investment into its logistic center.

“Vienna Airport offers its customers fast turnaround times and is well
prepared for current and upcoming challenges due to years of investment in
airport infrastructure, its excellent geographical location and its 24-hour
operating license,” says Julian Jäger, Member of the Management Board of
Flughafen Wien AG.

With the ability to handle all types of aircraft, Flughafen Wien AG
employees proved their adaptability during the Corona crisis. One example is
the handling of ‘preighters’ – passenger aircrafts used solely for air
cargo. Flexibility is also provided to airline customers by 24-hour
operations of all facilities, such as customs, border control, and health
authorities. With its Pharma Handling Center built in 2018, Vienna Airport
is ideally equipped for time and temperature-critical transports of medical

Despite the crisis, the airport’s logistics and handling facilities were
able to maintain their function as a hub to Eastern Europe for goods from
the electronics and automotive industries. There was growth in important aid
goods such as masks, coronavirus tests and protective suits as well as in
production goods, urgently needed pharmaceutical products and in the
e-commerce sector.

“In the current very dynamic market environment with rapidly increasing
freight volumes in Europe, Vienna International Airport is well-positioned
with its existing capacities. Although there is a decline in belly cargo due
to the lack of passenger aircraft, we have been recording increases of up to
30 percent for months, especially in unloads/import cargo,” explains Michael
Zach, Vice President Sales & Finance, Ground Handling & Cargo Operations at
Vienna Airport.

Vienna Airport offers advantages as a European freight hub for road
transport, too: the catchment area of the dense road feeder network for air
freight extends far beyond neighboring countries and the major European hubs
to the Balkans, Ukraine and Poland.