We invite you to join the Aircraft reFinance and Lease online conference, which will be held on April 30, and to contribute to the revival of the industry.

We are sure that now is the best time for the community of professionals to talk about the refinancing the industry, about current problems and about the time when the air fleet will be lifted up again.  We invite you to participate in the first online conference “Aircraft reFinance and Lease”, which will be held on the 30th April.

This year, the experts participating in the formation of the conference program, all participants face a very difficult task. We are sure that only an intensive exchange of world experience and a collective search for solution methods can give a positive result, and we all need to make sure that as many people as possible participate in this discussion, so that it stimulates as many contacts as possible during the event and after it. It is necessary to make the created content the property of the entire world community of aviation financiers and market participants.

We will speak about:

  • What does the future hold for us after the pandemic? Is there any hope?
  • World aircraft fleet and the future of the aviation industry. What happens next?
  • Effective financial strategy: new environment
  • Continued airworthiness of aircraft on lease in the context of the global crisis
  • Global trends overcoming the COVID-19: practical aspects
  • What should aircraft manufacturers do during and after a pandemic?
  • Dynamics of creditworthiness of Russian and foreign airlines
  • How will airlines build fleet development strategies after the crisis?
  • Maintaining low fuel prices and a surplus of relatively new old equipment
  • Change in traffic flows and route networks
  • Innovations in redelivery and excess requirements of lessors
  • Leasing rates depreciation caused by an excess of speculative orders for aircraft and increased competition between leasing companies


You are welcome to register at the website: http://air-finance.ru/en/

The conference program will be available shortly on the site.


If you want to take part in the program, please contact Anastasia Zamotina a.zamotina@atoevents.ru


We invite partners to cooperate. To discuss cooperation opportunities, please contact Olga Rybak orybak@atoevents.ru