Airport News

Airport News

AIRMALL USA has launched the first phase of a yearlong construction project Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).

Later this month, construction crews will begin work on five new retail units between concourses A and B.

They will also be preparing other concessions space for future development.

In total, the development work to be completed during the first phase of the project encompasses 6,000 sq ft of retail space.

This initial phase is part of a $10-million upgrade to the entire concessions program at PIT.

“Pittsburgh International Airport has evolved over the years to become an origination-destination airport.

“That means every departing and arriving passenger passes through the Center Core of the AIRMALL at PIT, and that’s why we’ve targeted this area for a major upgrade and the introduction of new brands,” said Jay Kruisselbrink, vice president of development for AIRMALL USA.