Airport News

Airport News

Plans for a new civilian terminal to be constructed at Agra Airport in India have been announced. The airport currently operates under the control of the Defence Ministry, who has agreed to offer land in order to build the new terminal building.

Ajit Singh, union civil aviation minister, yesterday announced the agreement made by the Defence Ministry. As reported by The Times of India, he said, “I have already spoken to the Defence Minister (A.K. Antony). The Civil Aviation Ministry officials also have met the Defence Ministry officials. They are now ready to offer 50-70 acres of land to construct a new terminal for civilian operations.”

The expansion will accommodate for the city’s increasing tourist flow. It is host to one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, the Taj Mahal, and has an ever-increasing influx of sightseers.

Currently tourists tend to travel to Agra via train or road due to the lack of proper infrastructure at Agra Airport. It is hoped that the construction of a new civilian terminal in Agra will help tourists to easily travel to the historic city.

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