Airport News

Airport News
Passengers flying by SAS and Norwegian can now use a self-service bag drop at Copenhagen Airport.

The move means six out of 10 travellers can now control their time after the 12 new drops were launched.

A simple hand scanner reads the baggage tag the passenger has printed out in advance, before bags are put on a baggage belt and ready to go.

If they are too heavy or big, the information screen will display simple solutions to the problems and nearby airline staff will assist. 

Marie-Louise Lotz, head of passenger service at Copenhagen Airport, says: “We focus on making passengers’ way through the airport simpler and faster, and we also strive to reduce airline costs.

“Those are two of our areas of strategic focus, so we are very pleased that self-service bag drops support both goals.”

The majority of passengers who use Copenhagen Airport now check-in online on their mobile phones or at one of the 99 self-service kiosks.

Lotz added: “Our surveys of passenger satisfaction show that passengers increasingly prefer ‘DIY’ solutions. So with the self-service bag drops, we create a basis for even greater passenger satisfaction.”