Airport News

Airport News
Self-service passenger control kiosks have been opened at Miami International Airport (MIA).

The airport has installed the automated Passport Express kiosks and is one of only three in US to use the new technology.

It allows US and Canadian citizens to have their passports processed in less than two minutes via a self-service kiosk instead of waiting in line for a CBP officer.

The Miami-Dade Aviation Department purchased and installed the kiosks to improve wait times for international travellers at MIA.

MIA has installed 36 kiosks in the North Terminal and another 12 will be put in the airport’s South Terminal in 2014.

Miami-Dade Aviation director, Emilio González, says: “We are proud to launch Passport Express for US and Canadian citizens entering the US through MIA.

“Passport Express also allows CBP to assign more officers for non-U.S. citizens, which improves the arrival process for all passengers.

“We look forward to providing our international travelers an enhanced experience the next time they arrive at MIA.”

Passenger traffic at MIA grew 2.1% in September to 30.5 million, fuelled by a 4.4% jump in international travellers to nearly 15.2 million.