Airport News

Airport News

Solar panels could soon spring up at Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s parking decks and between runways, according to reports in the US.

The Charlotte Observer newspaper reported yesterday the airport put out a request for a proposal on Monday, to find a private company to install and operate the panels, and hopes to have a contract by late January.

The new solar panels could cover more than 128 acres and Charlotte Douglas is looking to install panels on canopies above the airport’s long-term parking decks, on the roof of the administrative building and between the runways.

The report says the location and total number of solar panels installed will depend on the cost of the project, and the airport estimates at their maximum density and output – the panels could generate 53 megawatts.

Some of the panels would be highly visible, covering the long-term and daily north parking lots on canopies mounted above the cars.

Charlotte Douglas could use some of the electricity the panels produce, but it is more likely the energy will be sold to Duke Energy on the electric grid.