Airport News

Airport News

Passengers with reduced mobility to Abu Dhabi International Airport can now use golf carts to transport them around.

The equipment introduction is part of the airport’s initiative to enhance accessibility to travellers, and carts are available in Terminal 1 and 3.

They will assist in transporting passengers with reduced mobility between the departure and arrival halls, and the aircraft gates.

Abu Dhabi has also installed specialized ramps, rails, and e-Gates designed for people with reduced mobility at its airports to ensure comfort and accessibility.

Ahmad Al Haddabi, chief operations officer, Abu Dhabi Airports, says: “Abu Dhabi Airports strives to provide all passengers travelling through Abu Dhabi International Airport with a convenient and hassle free experience.

“The commitment of all the airport’s partners and entities as well as staff members to deliver world-class services extends to all our passengers, taking into consideration their requirements and needs.

“The new specialized golf carts for persons with reduced mobility is yet another innovative service that we will continue to provide to the growing number of passengers and visitors flying through the airport.”