Airport News

Airport News

Plans to change the routes some flights use from Stansted Airport are being put forward to reduce congestion in the skies above Heathrow Airport.

Air traffic control service NATS proposes to redirect the majority of Stansted departures from an established southerly route, to an existing route to the east of the airport.

No new routes are proposed and changes would only affect daytime departures.

NATS has started a 12-week consultation on the proposals.

In a statement, NATS said the proposed changes would "improve efficiency and reduce delays in the South".

'Lower for longer'

Paul Haskins, general manager of NATS' London Terminal Control, added: "At the moment, departures from Stansted heading towards the South East are kept lower for longer when compared to the route heading east because of Heathrow arrivals.

"Moving the majority of departure flights from one route to another will improve the flow of aircraft around the London system and greatly increase the efficiency of the airport's operation."

Chris Wiggan, Stansted Airport's head of public affairs, said the airport supported NATS' proposed airspace changes.

"The safe and efficient management of airspace in the South East of England is an important issue and the consultation will provide an opportunity for people to play a full and active part in the process," he said.