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Airport News
A new tailored make-up carousel enhancing the Terminal 1 operation of the baggage handling system at Manchester Airport will be installed.

The contract has been awarded to Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd, after it submitted a detailed proposal with various options to the northern UK gateway.

The Dutch baggage system supplier explains it will install a 3D baggage make-up carousel that does not encroach on crucial operational space.

While existing pushers will be reused, work will include replacement of old chutes by a new make-up carousel to provide significant increase in buffer capacity, due to the carousel’s length, and Vanderlande explains another benefit is easier manual handling of bags due to the carousel’s ergonomic height.

The project will begin in October this year with the aim of completing the work by the beginning of December.

Vanderlande will be working in partnership with Newfield Automation Limited, the preferred supplier to Manchester Airport Terminal 1 – to update the controls of the make-up carousel.

Upon successful delivery a further two carousels are anticipated to be installed before Easter.

Kevin Seagrave, project manager at Manchester Airport, explains: “Vanderlande was able to produce a design on budget that met our specific needs of a make-up carousel requiring minimal space, so that operational area is not compromised.

“It is also important to us that Vanderlande is able to install the new carousel in a short time with minimal disruption to operations.”

Nick Porter, director and general manager of Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd says the challenge is to install it with ‘minimum disturbance’.

Porter adds: “This project and our success at Norwich International Airport proves how we can contribute to the overall improvement of the operation and passenger experience at airports of all sizes.”