Airport News

Airport News

Edinburgh Airport is set to carry out an exercise on Wednesday simulating the response to a terrorist explosion.

The live exercise will involve a report being received from Air Traffic Control of an inbound helicopter with a loss of communications. Soon after there will be secondary reports of an explosion at the fuel farm where aviation fuel is stored, alerting authorities to a possible terrorist attack.

Edinburgh Airport Chief Executive Gordon Dewar, said: “On Wednesday afternoon Edinburgh Airport will carry out a Live Exercise. We do this because we are completely committed to the best possible safety standards for our passengers and staff.

“This live exercise and the response to it will look real as its purpose is to test our procedures and responses as a live incident would – but I would ask people looking on to not be alarmed.

“Live exercises provide so many benefits and opportunities for the wide range of services, agencies and departments to test the application of plans and deployment of resources in a fully monitored manner.

“Thankfully, for the majority of us a live exercise of this type is the only exposure we may ever have to anything like a real incident. It provides an opportunity to learn from each other, identify both strengths – and where improvements may be implemented – in what we all do, record findings and to improve our processes and procedures.”