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Airport News

Chopin Airport’s page on Facebook is the number one airport profile in Europe and the eighth most popular in the world in terms of the number of fans. User activity and feedback make it also one of the leading Polish fanpages. 

In the middle of May Chopin Airport’s Facebook profile was followed by over 8300 fans. No other European airport fanpage, including those run by London Heathrow, Paris CDG and Frankfurt, has attracted more users. On a global scale, only six American airports and Changi in Singapour enjoy a better result.  

“The airports are yet to discover Facebook’s potential to facilitate communication with customers, or they simply don’t know how to make proper use of it,” says Sylwester Puczen, social media specialist at Public Relations Bureau. “We use this channel to provide passengers with practical information, e.g. flight delays and cancellations or how to prepare for the journey. We also seek to develop and engage the aviation community. I think we’re doing quite a good job too.”

Chopin Airport has one of the busiest fan pages on Polish Facebook. According to Fan Page Trender nearly 25% of users following the airport’s profile are active contributors – involved in discussions, submitting their own photos and materials and recommending posts to other users. “This makes our profile alive and attractive for readers, which is exactly what we were aiming for,” says Mr Puczen.

Chopin Airport profile is way ahead of other popular Polish fanpages when it comes to user interaction. For example, the profile of the celebrity talk-show host Kuba Wojewódzki has 500 thousand users with a 1.5% interaction rate. Fan pages of the most popular Polish blogger Kominek (12 thousand fans ) and LOT Polish Airlines (14.5 thousand) show a 13.7% and 3.02% interaction rate respectively.   

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