APS Signs 10 Year Contract for the Luggage Trolley Management at Instanbul New Airport

APS has signed a 10-year contract for the luggage trolley management at the World’s Biggest and Newest Airport.

APS (Airport Passenger Services Lojistik Servisi A.Ş.) is proud to announce the signing of 10-year contract with IGA for the provision of professional luggage trolley management services at INA (Istanbul New Airport). The new state-of-the art passenger terminal will be inaugurated on October 29th, 2018 and will be one of the most important hubs of the world.

In line with the futuristic design of INA´s airport facilities, APS will provide top-level trolley management services for luggage and shopping trolleys. Optimal results will be achieved by employing ultimate technology and software solutions in combination with professional highly-trained staff. The implementation of the versatile SKYKART® trolley management system will guarantee positive experience for all passengers of INA both land and airside. The SKYKART® system will have a major role in the optimization of the trolley service. According with INA’s project phases, in this first stage of the operations APS will manage 3500 standard luggage trolleys and 1000 shopping trolleys for airside use. In the first year of operations at INA, APS will offer its services to approximately 15 million transfer Pax in the airside areas and over 60 million O&D Pax.

Including the operation in Istanbul New Airport, by the end of 2018 the total number of passengers served by SKYKART® APS technology will surpass 170 million globally.

Based in Turkey, Airport Passenger Services Lojistik Servisi A.Ş. is part of the GAPS (Global Airport Passenger Services) holding and it has been successfully operating the luggage trolley service in Milas-Bodrum Airport (TAV) for the last five years. With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, GAPS has offices and operations in 13 countries and is officially represented on six continents.