Did you know that Helsinki Airport’s restaurants offer meals you can take on flights?

Taking your own snacks to the plane means you get to eat exactly what you want and keeps you full for the duration of the flight. If you don’t have time to prepare snacks at home, Helsinki Airport’s restaurants can do it for you.

Most airlines allow you to take your own snacks with you onto an airplane. Sometimes, if you don’t have the time or the imagination to make meals to take with you through security, you can roam the food outlets of Helsinki Airport to find convenient foods for all kinds of tastes and appetites.

1. Some blueberry quark or some vegan chia pudding for breakfast

Early morning flights can make enjoying your breakfast a challenge. In these situations, Helsinki Airport’s Nordic Kitchen and Helsinki Market offer options for a healthy and tasty breakfast to go. Nordic Kitchen is found in the non-Schengen area of the airport, and is open 24/7, so that even the first passengers of the day can purchase a delicious breakfast to take with them for their flight.

For the first meal of the day, chia pudding could be the perfect option, with freshly pressed orange juice. Alternatively, Helsinki Market in Terminal 1 opens every morning at 05:00, from which you can pick up some blueberry quark to take with you.

When choosing a breakfast to take away, it is always good to keep fellow passengers in mind – they might want to spend their morning flight asleep. It is recommended to avoid packages which open loudly, or food products which might cause loud chewing noises, since these could disturb neighbours.

2. A salad or a sandwich for a bigger appetite

Is there anything better than a fresh salad or a tasty sandwich? Both of these are practical options to take on flights. Nordic Kitchen offers a healthy and flavourful shrimp salad, for instance. Passengers in Terminal 2 can enjoy the food selection at Freshly Made, which offers a vegan avocado hummus sandwich – great for staving off hunger during flights.

Foods that are messy or have strong smells aren’t the best options to take with you on the plane. Avoiding these will make the flight more comfortable for everyone.

3. A cinnamon roll, a croissant or a fruit salad for a snack

During shorter flights, you might not get as hungry, but sometimes a snack might be necessary. If you are hit with a sudden craving for something sweet, grab a cinnamon roll from Café Ulappa before heading through security. Helsinki Market in Terminal 1 prepares refreshing fruit salads to go, and Freshly Made in Terminal 2 offers croissants – sensible hand luggage snacks.

Think twice before bringing nuts onto your flight, as nut allergies are relatively common. In the most severe cases, even simply opening a bag of nuts in close proximity to someone with an allergy can cause a strong, even life-threatening reaction. It would be wise to check with nearby passengers before opting for nuts on a flight.