Dubai Airports release satellite image of Concourse D at Dubai International

Dubai Airports, the operator of Dubai International Airport in the UAE, has released a satellite image showcasing its new Concourse D facility and illustrating the shortage of land for the airport to expand any further.

The new concourse has increased the airport’s capacity so that it is now capable of handling approximately 90 million passengers annually. However, Dubai Airports has also revealed its plans to increase the airport’s capacity to 118 million passengers per year by 2023, without building any additional infrastructure.

The new program, dubbed DXB Plus, forms part of the airport’s revised masterplan, which will boost throughput through the design and implementation of customer-centric processes and the application of smart technology. This includes increased self-service options; off-airport check-in; optimized immigration and security processes; new and improved airport control and air traffic management systems; additional check-in and immigration counters; additional aircraft parking stands; new retail and food and beverage concepts; and optimized ground traffic management systems.