Event News

Event News

BORDERPOL, the global association representing the border management and security sector, and Clarion Defence and Security, the worlds’ leading event organiser in the security and defence sectors have announced that they have signed an agreement that will see Clarion co-managing BORDERPOL’s annual World BORDERPOL Congress, starting from the 2016 edition.

The World BORDERPOL Congress is largest gathering of multi-jurisdictional transnational and interdisciplinary border security and migration management services from around the world. The 4th edition takes place this year in The Hague, Netherlands, and will again be a platform for the world’s border protection forces and agencies to discuss and debate the current and future issues and challenges facing the border management, security and migration management sectors.

Controlling and managing international borders in the 21st Century continues to challenge the border control and immigration agencies around the world. It is generally agreed that in a globalised world borders should be as open as possible, but threats continue to remain in ever evolving circumstances and situations.

BORDERPOL Director of Programs & Events, Neil Walker said “Working with a global player like Clarion will further our aim of bringing the global border community together in one place to discuss the most pressing border management issues in the face of the challenges posed by mass migration, human trafficking, cross border terrorism and organised crime”.

“We are delighted to have been offered the opportunity to work together with BORDERPOL to help continue to develop this highly regarded and highly successful event” said Tim Porter, Managing Director of Clarion Defence & Security. “A great many of our partners, stakeholders and existing customers in both the US and Europe have a keen interest in the topics covered by BORDERPOL, and so we are very excited about the opportunities we will create through bringing the BORDERPOL World Congress into our portfolio”.

World BORDERPOL Congress 2015 starts next week. For more information go to www.world-borderpol-congress.com