Power up at your beam seat

ECA by Dekko launches Departure, new power-supply technology for beam seating at airports, transit stations, hospitals and more

Power and data supply leader ECA by Dekko announces the launch of Departure, brand-new device-charging technology with USB ports and AC receptacles that’s designed for beam seating in airports, bus and train stations, and healthcare waiting rooms – places where people need to plug in and charge phones, computers and tablets.

“Connectivity is more of a necessity than a luxury. Departure gives power where users need it, delivering non-stop connection in high-traffic spaces,” Dekko Marketing Director Meghan Meier said. “Designed with the user experience in mind, Departure is an understated power solution with a simple look and modern feel.”

Compatible with a variety of group-seating furniture designs, Departure delivers power, USB and USB-C straight to the edge of the occupant’s seat. The product mounts to virtually any beam-seating structure: T-shaped, rectangular, square, triangular or round. Its versatile arm-to-clamp design puts charging within easy reach. Departure also retrofits to existing seating.

The product offers an under-mount option for installation under tabletops located between beam seats for shared user access.

Departure offers 12-amp duplex receptacle power only, or power combined with USB and USB-C, to recharge laptops and other devices fast. ETL Listed, Departure can be chained to the maximum number of units specified by the National Electrical Code (NEC). To avoid a tangle of power cords, multiple units can be connected from a single infeed. The Departure daisy chain system operates from a single plug, which can be conveniently accessed from existing floor or wall outlets – no power pole needed.

The product is large enough for user visibility and durability in high-traffic areas but compact enough for minimal interference with custodial duties.

“Any public location with beam seating can be made charge-friendly with Departure,” Dekko Director of Sales Dustin Ruth said. “Power simply doesn’t get any more convenient.”

For more information about Departure, visit www.electri-cables.com/departure. For questions about ordering Departure, call 1-800-521-3175.