Renault confirmed as launch advertiser for new outdoor ‘City Welcome’ site at London City Airport

London City Airport has unveiled a new premium digital welcome site for advertisers, prominently located by the entrance to the airport’s Private Jet Centre on the Connaught Road roundabout – the main approach road to the airport.

The new ‘City Welcome’ site officially opens today (Wednesday 26 April) and is the third in a series of architecturally designed digital advertising structures created by Wildstone Airports for London City Airport.

The stunning 10 x 3 metre 4mm pitch LED screen provides a crystal clear display with a more detailed representation of the content, even at close distance.

Sally Emms, London City Airport Media Sales Manager, said: “City Welcome encompasses a number of exterior design elements and materials that have completely transformed the roundabout and main entrance into London City Airport.

“The location means advertisers can reach the vast majority of our passengers arriving by road, over half of whom are travelling for business purposes, making it a particular desirable out-of-home site. We are thrilled to have Renault on board as our inaugural client”

Renault’s prominent position at City Welcome is part of a wider investment in a number of digital assets at the airport, including the exterior City Icon digital site at the front of the terminal, and a network of 58 digital screens inside the main terminal, providing complete coverage of the airport audience. In 2016 the airport welcomed over 4.5 million passengers.

Renault has used the site to showcase the all-new Renault Megane with standout creative. It encompasses a number of exterior design elements and materials to transform the roundabout and main entrance into London City Airport.

The Renault campaign was booked through MGOMD and Talon Outdoor.

Jonathan Everaere, Client Director on the international team at Talon Outdoor, said: “We are delighted to see Renault extending their audience reach by including airport media as part of their UK campaign. By utilising London City Airport’s highly impactful newly installed Welcome digital screen, it gives Renault the perfect platform as a launch partner to fully engage with affluent business passengers and generate brand fame and memorability at a key airport touchpoint.”

Careful design and planning has contributed to the completed City Welcome site, complimented with a 50m ‘Green Wall’ – a living wall feature which creates a pleasant screen of trailing foliage, using a modular hydroponic plant wall system. The ‘Viriditrough’ system enables the use of a number of different plant varieties and its hydroponic growing medium, is also recognised for its effective removal of CO2 and NOx.

Clever use of materials also means that the Welcome Wall, which appears to be made from concrete, has actually been fabricated using a composite material and process traditionally used to build super yachts.

A bespoke lighting structure on the roundabout, designed by Wildstone, further enhances the area, with the ability to change the colour of lighting according to preference.

As part of the airport’s significant investment in the site, the Connaught Road roundabout was upgraded and raised from road level, with the addition of chevrons which helps improve the safe use of the roundabout by drivers.