Birmingham Airport Invests in Bespoke Customer Feedback System

Birmingham Airport has invested over £100k in a bespoke customer feedback system available in 80 different locations across the airport site.

The system, dubbed the ‘Voice of the Customer’, has been created for Birmingham Airport by, a company which specialises in operational reporting, to improve and advance the airport’s customer feedback process. Through the Voice of the Customer system, in-depth feedback is processed in real-time, and is sent directly to the Customer Experience team who are able to process any passenger comments or concerns immediately.

Feedback can be submitted through three different mediums, including; 59 instant feedback touch screens, 10 QR codes which can be scanned with a mobile or tablet device, or written feedback which can be posted in any of the 10 designated post boxes. The written feedback is manually entered into a customer feedback system, enabling the customer experience team to detect any trends, or areas in need of immediate improvement.

Focusing on key passenger touchpoints, all three types of feedback are strategically located in areas such as check-in desks, security, departure gates, washrooms, lounges as well as on-site car parks.

In January, the airport received 47,000 pieces of feedback in comparison to around 250 per quarter with the previous customer feedback method of standalone traditional written surveys.